We love it when a plan comes together

We love it when a plan comes together

We make planning easy and fun for you and your friends.
One simple interface for all your planning needs, right in your pocket.


We are currently improving our app based on the outcomes of the private BETA tests . Once the app goes live we will provide you with more  details in this section. Although we can't share much at this moment, what we can say is...

Why it’s so great:

Plan together

Let everyone suggest or decide on locations, dates, gifts to buy or stuff to do. Planning should and can be fun!


Big or small

Grabbing some beers or planning a bachelor party. Planstr makes organising any event seem like a small task.

Stay in touch

Chat with each other, discuss plans real-time, and get notified about event updates from friends or groups.

Anytime, anywhere!

You will start planning a lot more so we're making a mobile- and web app to support all your planning needs.

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